14 July 2005


Hey guys, it's Donnie...the only example to date of a movie based on a website that I'm aware of was The Onion movie which may never see the light of day at this point. Well chalk up another. Popular time-wasting website Collegehumor.com is partnering with Paramount and Alphaville to bring you the next Animal House.

At least that's the idea.

Basically Paramount wants to make movies that appeal to the college crowd and speak to the modern college experience. (Cuz while I love Van Wilder, I've once again lost faith in National Lampoon after Dorm Daze and a slew of other direct to DVD crap.) The problem is that I guess the folks at Paramount have no idea what actually appeals to college kids, so they figured that they could get the folks at collegehumor to seek out and develop projects that fit the bill. Basically it's the old, "We don't have a sense of humor, but we hear you do, so why don't you tell us which stuff is funny and we'll cough up the cash" routine.

While I commend Paramount for taking serious steps to make funny college movies, I guess I'm just a little disappointed that they apparantly can't just hire funny people and do it themselves. I feel like that would have a far greater payoff in the long run. Ah well. If they can get a good flick out of it, I suppose that's all that matters.


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