26 July 2005

Broken Lizard Goes Greek

Hey guys, it's Donnie...I remember an interview with the Broken Lizard guys I read way back when Club Dread was released. The boys said they were planning on tackling one of two projects next: either Beerfest about underground Beer Olympics or The Greek Road, an ancient Greek epic about Plato and Socrates , two wrestling team idiots, traveling to Olympus to compete in the Olympic Games while Zeus, Poseidon and Hades bet on whether or not they'll make it. After Club Dread failed to meet expectations at the box office, it looked like they were gonna have to do Beerfest before anyone would give them the budget to tackle a Greek epic.

Then Jay Chandrasekhar (Thornie) snagged the directing gig for The Dukes Of Hazard, and apparantly the Broken Lizard gentlemen wrote most, if not all, of the script, although the various guilds gave them some shit and they're not getting the screen credit for it. Either way, it looks like the work has paid off because Chandrasekhar told Comingsoon.net that The Greek Road will, in fact, be their next project, presumably followed up by Beerfest. The Broken Lizard homepage also says that they're getting ready to write a movie for Sean William Scott and perhaps pitch a TV series as well.

I think these guys are a great fresh voice in comedy today. They picked up the slack left by the demise of National Lampoon. I'm thrilled that they're getting good opportunities for future projects and I can't wait to see anything they're attached to. Hell, I might even go see Dukes if they wrote it. Also, Sky High opens this weekend and Farva plays the flying school bus driver. And I think we all remember what happened the last time Farva was around a bus full of kids...


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