26 July 2005

Zathura Trailer...Take Erasive Action!

Hey guys, it's Donnie...the concept behind Jumanji is certainly a cool one, however I was never really a fan of wild animals, jungles, or family-friendly Robin Williams, (coked-out-of-his-head Robin Williams on the other hand...) so the execution was somewhat lost on me. However, Jumanji in outer space...awesome. The extended ComicCon trailer for Zathura hit the web this morning, and shortly after watching it I organized a good sized office viewing party for the space shuttle launch, which was totally fucking awesome.

Anyway, click it here to see lots of cool stuff from Jon Favreau's latest, Zathura, chock full of robots, lizard men, and Dax Shepherd. I'm a huge fan of Favreau, and his recent interview with CHUD where talked about using practical effects for the movie whenever humanly possible instead of relying on the CGI crutch just elevates my respect for him as a filmmaker. And I have to say that it looks like his attention to detail pays off, cuz the effects look fantastic.

Click it here to play the mystical boardgame made of tin...

NOTE: The trailer is being hosted by AOL Moviefone, which sucks. In an effort to better guage how often people watch the trailer, once it starts playing, you're unable to pause and rewind it and play it again. So if you wanna watch it again when it's over, or if you miss something, you have to reload the page itself, otherwise the video freezes and you get nothing but audio. It sucks, I know. If they weren't running Quicktime they'd be totally worthless. But check it out anyway, it's worth it.


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