27 July 2005

X3 Starts Rolling...Sort of...

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Some folks out in the San Fransisco area reported seeing the X3 crew out filming some stuff around Alcatraz Island earlier this week, leading I'm sure at least one person to dress up in yellow spandex and make a fool of themselves, but alas and alack, the crew at Alcatraz was only the second unit, and what they were filming was actually for the teaser trailer, which someone on the crew said will probably make its way to theaters around Christmas time.

However, filming for the actual movie is set to begin in little over a week. The powers that be recently held a big casting call in Victoria, Canada. They are apparantly looking for people of just about every size, age and gender, so it looks like they'll be filming some big crowd scenes up north.

It seems that one of the major set pieces from the script that nobody likes takes place in San Francisco and has something to do with the Golden Gate Bridge, so that's probably not a good sign in terms of this movie not sucking balls. But it really is still far too early to tell, so we'll just have to wait and hope. Desperately hope.


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