27 July 2005

Return To The Black Lagoon

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Despite the nuclear holocaust that was Van Helsing, it looks like not all the classic Universal Monsters are truly dead. Universal has greenlit a remake of The Creature From The Black Lagoon, which was actually supposed to reside in a moat in an early draft of Van Helsing, and thank god he was spared such torture.

Not only is the picture moving, but apparantly there's already some cast attached. Ron Howard spoke to CNN on Tuesday during the launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery (because far be it from CNN to speak to actual space experts when you could talk to Opie about a movie he made 10 years ago...) and Howard said let slip two things: first, that he would like to do another space movie, but a futuristic adventure story, and personally I think it's past time for him to stop making period movies. However, secondly and more importantly, he said that Bill Paxton will appear alongside The Creature.

Game over man! Game over!


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