15 June 2005

Special K On X3 and F4

Hey guys, it's Donnie...my network of sources, spies and informants is growing. My good friend Special K has given me a bit of the lowdown on X3 and Fantastic 4. There ARE CHANGES going on with the atrocious X3 script, changes which have yet to be completed. However, the script is being held strictly under lock and key, top secret, need to know, all that nonsense. Also the powers that be were plenty upset about Moriarty's script coverage and apparantly have already offered up a sacrificial lamb as retribution. I hope it wasn't Moriarty's new guy. I'd hate to see a source like that get killed off after just one scoop.

Special K was also kind enough to offer up an opinion on the dreaded Fantastic Four after having seen most of the the final international cut and.....much as I suspected...IT BLOWS!! The direct quote from Special K (because I couldn't make this shit up) is "the effects make it look worse. It's this year's Planet of the Apes."

Amen my friend. I'm calling it here and now. Fantastic Four: Big Opening Weekend, Cataclysmic Dropoff Week 2


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