14 June 2005

Maybe I'll Stop Calling It Stink Eye

Hey guys, it's Donnie...I had completely written off Red Eye as more teen horror cripe, especially after that first trailer. It seemed totally uninspired, aside from completely inplausible. how do you take someone hostage on a plane? I'll tell you a secret, Cillian Murphy isn't keeping her on the plane, it's 35,000 feet of empty space and the big hard pavement below that's doing that job. And while we're at it, what's up with horror/thrillers on planes these days? Red Eye, Flight Plan, Snakes On A Plane. (I refuse to call it Pacific Air 1152.3566 or whatever they've renamed it to. I don't see how you can possible top the title Snakes On A Plane.)

Anyway, like I said, at first glance this movie did nothing for me. But they popped out a new trailer and I have to say that it actually looks watchable. I really like the playful, romantic tone they set in the beginning before they try to pull the rug out from under you. And I have to admit that the plot, while hardly ground-breaking, doesn't sound quite as contrived as it did before, and judging from the car chases, it looks like they do manage to get off the plane eventually.

There's really no arguing the talent of the two leads either. Murphy and Rachel McAdams are both fantastic talents and I think this is actually a pretty decent project for each of them to be doing at this point in their careers. Murphy keeps up his creepy Batman vibe and McAdams fills out the strong, kind-hearted heroine, but now with darker hair, which is, in fact, way hotter.

So check it out. Certainly not Oscar material, but a good Halloweeny date movie? Methinks so...

Check Out The Creepy Hand In The Window...


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