08 June 2005

Another Reason For Spielberglove

Hey guys, it's Donnie...as if you needed another reason to go see War of the Worlds, Peter Jackson has announced that we'll all get our first tastes of King Kong along with our tripod aliens. There are no real details as to exactly what this teaser trailer will contain as far as imagery, but personally I'd be happy with nothing more than some titles and one hero shot of Kong on Skull Island, screaming from atop the pummelled corpse of a T-Rex.

War Of The Worlds opens on June 29th and the trailer should go online the day before, but, come on now, wouldn't you rather see Kong nice and proper on the big screen with sound that shakes you to the core? I certainly would.

PS I can't wait for War of the Worlds to find its way onto DVD, which, at this rate, will probably be right around Labor Day. I really hope there's a featurette that shows the meeting with Spielberg telling all his effects guys that they're gonna start and finish a blockbuster film of tremendous scale in under a year. I'm sure there was much laughing...followed by much crying...followed by throwing things around the room in anger and frustration.


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