13 June 2005

Expand Your Horizons

Hey guys, it's Donnie...I am a total sucker for movie lists. The majority of "The Greatest Films In The History Of TIME" are utter bullshit. Most either choose to praise films that everybody already loves or they intentionally bury the typical greats and make absurd, ridiculous selections solely for the purpose of stirring up debate. Either way, alot of really GREAT films tend to get totally overlooked. Case in point: Requiem For A Dream is arguable one of the greatest films of the last decade, and I rarely see it on any of these "Best Of" lists.

No, the movie lists that really get to me are the more specialized lists, like "50 Greatest Action Movies" or "100 Best Film Romances". When the lists are forced to be specific, it seems to help the organizers to really focus on the cream of the crop. Well, the boys over at CHUD have resurrected a list they made up back when they used to write for the now-defunct Movie Insider magazine: 100 Movies That Deserve More Love.

That's a fantastic list to draw up because it not only fosters a good deal of debate, but such a list will, by nature, open you the reader up to a few choice films you may not have otherwise encountered on your own. Personally I think there are a few gems on this list, (e.g. The Iron Giant could ALWAYS use more love...) but since it is reprinted from a magazine that no longer exists, I would argue that the list needs to be updated.

So faithful readers, I put it to you: Take a gander at the list and drop a comment. What are some more movies that need "more love"?

"Put your sugar in my bowl..."


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