15 June 2005

Cameron Comes Out Of The Woodwork

Hey guys, it's Donnie...More news from the reclusive filmmakers' front: While we all thought that James Cameron's next project was surely going to be his kinda-live action Battle Angel Alita, turns out he's got another project in the pipe, and it's a project that absolutely no one outside of Lightstorm Entertainment knows anything about. As of right now it's being called Project 880 and while information is scarce, it looks like this could end up being Cameron's next big thing. Security has tightened up at Lightstorm as of late, so when I know, you'll know.

Random Trivial Fact Of The Day: James Cameron, Roman Polanksi, Terry Gilliam and Terrence Malick have directed a grand total of ONE feature length narrative film in this millenium. (I refuse to count Cameron's recent adventures in Deep Sea 3D IMAX Documentaries because I think they've been more about him playing with his new camera equipment than about making actual films) ONE MOVIE in four and a half years between the four of them. (At least it won the Oscar for Best Director.) Such things just should not happen...


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