09 June 2005

We3 Kicks Your Ass To The Kennel

Hey guys, it's Donnie...until recently, I had never heard of Grant Morrison, which isn't surprising since I don't follow the comic world all that closely. That being said, I've gotta track down some of this guy's work, which apparantly includes a story about Wyle E. Coyote as a metaphor for Christ. (Does that make Road Runner the Anti-Christ?)

Well, the guy just kicked off a brand spankin' new comic property called We3, and if I'm talking about it, then someone must be putting it on the big screen. Savvy reasoning, my readers. Yes, Don Murphy (who's also a producer on the upcoming live action Transformers movie) has grabbed up the movie rights to this burgeoning comic after only one issue.

So, what exactly is We3 about? Well, I think before I try to explain it, I should share the tagline with you:

"Nature gave them teeth and claws. Man gave them guns."


We3 is the story of three housepets, a dog, a cat and a rabbit who were taken into a government program and trained to kill. With heavy artillery. Yes, government trained housepet assasins in armored suits and voice modulators. The first issue picks up with the crew on their last mission before they are "decommissioned". The pet squad doesn't want to go along with the plan, so they bust out in search of freedom etc.

Mull that one over for a minute.

I think this is incredible. Imagine Homeward Bound minus all that "Cats rule, dogs drool" crap and replaced with automatic weapons. I can only hope that Murphy and Co. don't attempt to defang the thing and make it some super-cutesy kids movie. I want to see a ultraviolent We3. I want to see Bandit the dog dispatching his enemies with no mercy.

I'm definitely gonna keep my eye on this thing. Let's see where it goes from here....


Blogger Billy Dagwood said...

so .. it's the A-Team, but with fluffy bunnies instead of Mr. T? Interesting ..

2:30 PM  

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