28 June 2005

CRASH Into Your TVs

Hey guys, it's Donnie...While some of you have expressed a lack of interest in television news, I'm gonna keep posting TV developments that are directly linked to the big screen in some way. Thusly, I bring you news that FX is apparantly developing a series based on the fantastic Paul Haggis film Crash, which you should all go see if you haven't yet, although at this point I think it's out of most theaters.

I'm not sure if this is really gonna work as a cable TV show, in fact, I'm pretty sure that it won't. If it was HBO it might have a fighting chance, but I think that the strong language and themes just will not play out as effectively on TV, even on FX, which tends to gravitate towards the "edgier" projects. The only part of this announcement that gives me any sort of hope is that FX is apparantly courting many of the film's stars to reprise their roles on the small screen. Brendan Fraser, Sandra Bullock, Matt Dillon, Ludacris and Don Cheadle (Not Thandie Newton THANK GOD) are all apparantly in talks. I felt that the Fraser and Bullock characters didn't really have enough to do in the film, so maybe a series could flesh them out a bit and give us more dynamic characters. And, to be honest, if Don Cheadle gets onboard then I will most certainly tune in. Don Cheadle is one of those guys that could sit in a room and read a phone book and I'd probably pay to see it.

Let's see if FX can try to rebottle that lightning...


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