28 June 2005

Sin City: Collect 'Em All!

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Sin City was one of my favorite flicks of the year to date. In fact, it's at the top of my list, although I don't suspect it will remain there, and anyone who was watching NBC last night between 8:50:30 and 9:02:00 knows exactly what I'm talking about. Nonetheless, Sin City is at least 15 different kinds of awesome, and thanks to the ever decreasing turnaround time from big screen to DVD, you can all go out an buy your own copy on August 16th. (For those keeping score at home, that's a difference of just over 4 months from theatrical release to DVD release.)

We who were tracking the film before it's release spent months salivating over all those luscious character posters, and it looks like all that salivating will pay off. Much like the recent re-issue of Reservoir Dogs, the Sin City DVD will come in four available covers, each featuring characters from a different storyline. Also, the DVD will have a feature that allows the viewer to watch the movie as presented or to single out specific storylines, meaning you could watch the complete Hartigan storyline only without having to jump and skip all over the disc.

I don't know about you, but I will most certainly be getting the Marv cover. He was always my favorite. Oh yeah, and in case you've forgotten, Rodriguez and Miller have already started moving forward on the sequel, based on other graphic storylines that weren't used in the first go around. Knowing Robert, that probably means they'll be done filming before this one hits the shelves...


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