08 June 2005

The 80s (Try To) Return!

Hey guys, it's Donnie...and I'm happy to report that the 1980s will NEVER DIE. Oh man. I watched Short Circuit this weekend, and boy do I miss some of the cinema style of the 80s. I'm super excited for the TV movie of The Posiedon Adventure mostly because it stars the totally underrated Steve Guttenberg, who is totally due for a Travolta-esque comeback. I think the real question is exactly how much do I miss 80s movies?

Enough to want to see a follow up to Goonies? Absolutely.

How about a Beetlejuice sequel? Sure, why not.

16 Candles Part Deux? I guess so....

News on potential sequels to all three of these 80s staples surfaced this weekend, and what do I think? I think that all of these sequel rumors were propagated by out of work actors. Jeff Cohen, (aka Chunk, self-hating inventor of the Truffle Shuffle) Michael Keaton, (trying unsuccessfully to claw his way out of bad movie jail) and Molly Ringwald (who I last saw in a feature film spoofing herself) all gave interviews or spoke at press events this weekend saying that they're interested in bringing back some of their more notable performances.

Look, I'd be willing to shell out some cash for a new Goonies and I could probably even be convinced to go see a new Beetlejuice. I think that 17 Candles (please let that be the title) is pretty much totally unnecessary, although it would be a great way to find the next Anthony Michael Hall. What are the odds of any of these projects actually happening? I think they're pretty slim, but then again Wargames 2.0 is on the move. Maybe I should dust off my spec script for Breakin' 3: Revenge of the Boogaloo...


Blogger Fallen Saint said...

Ok, I just have to check, do you mean 16 candles? 'cause that was the movie with molly ringwald. I'm not sure 18 candles really exists.

Well, I checked IMDB, and there is an 18 candles, however "hot girl" has the 6th or 7th listing, so that's not the one you mean.

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, that is a typo/not paying attention on my part. the mistake has been corrected

4:46 PM  

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