30 November 2005

Tucci: Matchmaker Extrodinaire?

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Stanley Tucci will soon be returning to the director's chair, and I can't help but get all warm and tingly just thinking about it. I LOVE Big Night, although I've missed out on the rest of his directorial efforts. (A mistake that is soon to be recitified I can assure you.) But I'm certainly looking forward to his next project, Blind Date, expected to start lensing in January in NYC.

The film is actually a remake of a film by Theo van Gogh, the controversial Dutch filmmaker who was gunned down by a Muslim extremist in response to his film Submission: Part I, a documentary concerning the abuse of Islamic women. He was also the great-great-grandson of Theo van Gogh, who was the brother of famous painter Vincent van Gogh and also the namesake for Theo, my pet frog. The title is...misleading to say the least. It will star the incredible Tony Shaloub and Patricia Clarkson as a married couple who lost their son in a tragic car accident. According to Shaloub, "Since the child's death they've been unable to spend time together, and they can't not be together, so they sort of meet on blind dates and role-play as strangers. It's a great story."

It certainly sounds like a great story, and Shaloub and Clarkson are both wonderfully complex actors who will no doubt bring extraordinary depth and pathos to the characters. Tucci often plays a major role in his films, so I would expect that we'll be seeing him in some sort of significant supporting part.


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