28 November 2005

Jason Statham Is A Bus

Hey guys, it's Donnie...So Jason Statham has a couple of very different flicks on the horizon. On is literally a disaster of mythic proportions...but we'll get to that later. On the brighter side, he's also got a movie called Crank in the works. Sadly it is not about the inventor of the Model T.

JoBlo just did an interview with the ever delicious Amy Smart, who plays Statham's girlfriend in the movie. She gave the following description:
"It’s not a drug movie! It sounds like one. [Jason Statham] plays this guy who’s a hitman and he’s been shot up with Chinese poison. Through the whole movie, in order to keep alive he has to keep his adrenaline up. It’s kind of like the movie SPEED but in a body. And he tries everything. Everything – grotesque, whatever it is – to keep himself alive."
Come on now..."Speed but in a body"?!? How can this movie not be 17 kinds of fun? Yeah it's got a novice pair of writer/directors, but I say that just means more potential for ass-kickery. The picture above is an actual still from the movie. (Click to make it bigger.) Yes, he's wearing a hospital gown, and yes, he's probably mooning everyone behind him.


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