29 November 2005

Slow Zombies Return!! Romero Returns!!

Hey guys, it's Donnie...So a few weeks back I mentioned my lack of excitement for Steve Miner's impending remake of Day Of The Dead, and how it was a crying shame that studios were more willing to greenlight zombie remakes than another actual Romero zombie flick. (Since I wrote that article, I have see Land Of The Dead and I absolutely LOVED it.)

So imagine my absolute glee this morning when it was announced that Focus/Rogue Pictures is interested in fast tracking a direct sequel to Land Of The Dead, following the surviving characters as they make their way north to Canada in Dead Reckoning. Not only that, but they're talking about possibly filming as soon as August.

It's not official yet, no contracts have been signed. Romero also has a few other projects on the horizon, including adaptations of the Stephen King stories From A Buick 8 and The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. But in an interview with Empire Online, he seemed ready and willing to take up the zombie mantle once more, and, quite honestly, nothing makes me happier. Maybe this time Universal will figure out how to properly market and release the damn thing...


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