28 November 2005

Jovovich Gets Ultraviolet On Your Ass

Hey guys, it's Donnie...I really need to re-purchase Equilibrium. I miss that movie somethin' fierce. So obviously I've been waiting in rapt anticipation for director Kurt Wimmer's follow-up, Ultraviolet. The movie concerns another bleak future landscape in which a war is being waged between humans and vampiric mutants with superior strength, speed and intelligence. Jovovich plays one such mutated individual who is sworn to protect the life of a young boy, the always creepy Canuck, Cameron Bright.

We've heard next to nothing on this project. No trailers, no set reports, no nothing. But today we are treated to the first production still from the film and...well, it's pretty damn awesome. Take a look:
At first I thought her guns just had absurdly long ammo clips on them. But, upon further inspection, I realized that those tails are in fact blades. That's right, they're gundaggers. Wimmer's self-invented "gunkata" from Equilibrium was easily one of the best parts of that movie, and word is that we're in store for a whole lot more this time around. Sounds good to me. Theoretically this thing is supposed to hit theaters sometime in 2006. Theoretically.


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