29 November 2005

Jesus Hates New Orleans

Hey guys, it's Donnie...As if there wasn't enough meteorological evidence to prove the point, Tony Scott seems intent on proving that God totally has it in for the land of Mardis Gras, a.k.a. beads and boobies.

Thusly, Tony Scott is gonna have Jesus blow up a ferry.

Scott has just cast Jim "The Son Of God" Caviezel as the nefarious do-badder in his next flick Deja Vu, the story of an FBI agent (Denzel Washington) who travels back in time to stop the evil bad guy of evil (Caviezel) from blowing up a ferry and killing the woman he loves. That is to say, the woman Denzel loves, not Jesus. Jesus loves everybody. Except the people on that fuckin boat I guess.

The project was actually scrapped for about two weeks in the wake of Katrina, but "the other Scott brother" decided that the film would be do-able afterall, and will most likely be the first feature film shot in New Orleans since Katrina and Rita tagged teamed the place. Personally, I like Caviezel a lot, particularly when he's playing a less reputable character. I'm really excited to see him and Denzel go head to head, although it shouldn't be much of a fight. Caviezel can just smite Denzel with His glory.


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