29 November 2005

Ace Ventura's Believe It Or Not

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Now here is a pairing that I can really get behind...even if I'm not totally sold on the project.

Tim Burton is looking to direct Jim Carrey in Believe It Or Not!, an intended franchise starter about Robert Ripley and his globetrotting adventures as he searches far and wide for oddities and curiosities that would one day form the basis for a television show starring Dean Cain.

Seriously, I've thoroughly enjoyed Burton's extended Johnny Depp streak, but he's starting to wear out his actors. Every single movie is just Depp, Helena Bonham-Carter, Missi Pyle, Deep Roy...it'll be nice to get some new blood in there. Then again, I hear that Ripley has a posse of fellow adventurers, probably consisting of a tall blonde woman, a short Indian fellow...you get the idea.

I've actually heard very good things about the script, which has been circulating Hollywood for some time now. It's usually described as a "goofy Indiana Jones", which I suppose could be fun. Then again, I kinda thought that's what Sahara was. Ya know, aside from being "awesome."


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