30 November 2005

Sweet 3D Fishies

Hey guys, it's Donnie...I love 3D IMAX movies. I enjoyed the hell out of Aliens Of The Deep, and Batman Begins, despite being in a mere 2D, was phenomenal on the BIG big screen. I'd really like to catch Magnificent Desolation before it retreats from theaters and I even kind of want to see Polar Express, because if I'm ever going to watch that movie, 3D IMAX is the format I want to watch it in. There's just something about IMAX that inherently awakens the inner five year old in me, that absolutely fills me with abject wonder.

So, imagine my glee when I stumbled across the poster for Deep Sea 3D, the newest underwater IMAX film from director Howard Hall. Underwater films are probably my absolute favorite of any type of film to watch in IMAX, and not only does this promise to be visually stimulating, but...well, check this:

It's narrated by Johnny Depp and the ever lovely Kate Winslet (the only actor alive who can do an American Express commercial and not seem like she's selling out) and the music is by none other than Danny Elfman. Come on, how can this movie not be full of awesome?


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