03 November 2005

Superman Is 40 Feet Tall...And A Dick.

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Way back in August, Batman Begins became the highest grossing digitally re-mastered 2-D IMAX release ever, grossing $14.5 million in just under nine weeks. I was pretty excited because it was just when Batman hit my local IMAX theater, and here's what I had to say at the time:
Not only does this bode well for the impending sequel, (once Warners can get Chris Nolan to sign on the dotted line...) but this has gotta bode well for Superman Returns. I know that Bryan Singer has been debating whether or not to do an IMAX release because he's worried about the image transfer, but I'm sure that Batman's ticket sales will have the Warners folks "encouraging" him to do an IMAX release.
I love it when I'm right.

Either Singer stopped debating or Warners told him sit down and shut up, because it was officially announced today that Superman Returns will be released in regular theaters and in IMAX simultaneously June 30, 2006. Personally, I couldn't be happier at the news. I'm still go see Superman Returns in a regular theater for the first available showing, but being able to revisit the film a week or so later in IMAX...I have to say that I appreciated Batman Begins much more after I had ruminated on it for a while and then caught the IMAX release and saw all those epic characters literally play out in epic proportions.

All I need now is to SEE THE DAMN TRAILER!!! Only one more week, then I'll brave the legions of batshit crazy Harry Potterheads and see Goblet Of Fire so I can finally see Supes on a big screen again. Oh yeah, and for all you folks who never really liked Superman to begin with, then here's the proof that you've been looking for. God, he really is a dick...


Blogger penny lane said...

whoa whoa whoa -- "batshit crazy Harry Potterheads"?
go easy there, pal. some of us happen to love HP with all our hearts and souls, and are still perfectly sane, intelligent people.
...most of the time.

3:00 AM  

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