26 October 2005

Munich Poster Gets Solemn On Your Ass

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Steven Spielberg is a machine.

War Of The Worlds hasn't even hit DVD yet and already we've got the poster for his next flick. In case you're unawares, Munich is the story of a Mossad hitman who tracked down the Palestinian terrorists who assassinated the Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. It stars Eric Bana, Geoffery Rush and the new Bond himself, Daniel Craig. (Why is all of today's news about the same four people?)

Spielberg started filming the day War Of The Worlds opened in theaters and everything is on pace for this flick to hit theaters on Christmas Day. Personally, I'm really happy with what I've seen so far. I think the poster is a great, well thought out image that captures the mood of the flick (or at least what I anticipate the mood of the flick to be) perfectly with minimal bells and whistles. I'm on record for prefering simple, stylish and/or profound imagery in posters as opposed to giant floating heads, which to me is just a sign of laziness in the marketing department.

The cast is great. Geoffrey Rush is a sublime actor who can literally be whomever he wants to be, which is part of why he was such a good choice for The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers. I'm a huge fan of Daniel Craig and this will probably be the movie that will help to put him on the map in the minds of American audiences. Even though the two films will be totally different, it's kind of like a warm up for Bond, so that the audience cattle will be able to look at a Casino Royale poster or trailer and say, "Oh yeah, that's the guy from that Steven Spielberg movie." And Bana...well, alot of people have been dissatisfied with Bana over the past few years, most notably for Hulk. Personally, I think he's a fine actor who just hasn't had the chance to really show his strengths yet. He's yet to find that character that he can really sink his teeth into, and I'm really hoping that this will help turn it around for him. If not, he's always got that gambling movie with Drew Barrymore...

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