26 October 2005

Is Someone Trapped In The Grind House???

Hey guys, it's Donnie...I'm gonna keep this under the rumor column, even if it is straight from the actor's mouth. John Jarratt, star of the upcoming horror flick Wolf Creek (God, all of today's stories seem connected somehow...) apparantly told ABC Radio today that Tarantino has asked him to play a role in his portion of Grind House.

You probably don't know who John Jarratt is, and that's fine. He's an Aussie actor and Wolf Creek is supposed to be his breakthrough role here in America. For a while, I kept confusing Wolf Creek with Cry_Wolf, for obvious reasons. I'm glad I got that cleared up because one looks pretty cool, and one looks like poop on a stick.

He was unclear as to what the part would be, or if it would be in Tarantino's feature or one of his fake trailers, but it is the first we've heard in the way of casting for the movie, and I'm excited enough about Grind House that I'm willing to post rumors and innuendo at this point. Like I said, I'm still a little (Denis) Leary of this one because, let's face it, the circumstances are a tad shady. If I hear the same thing from The Weinstein Co, or Tarantino, or even Rodriguez, then I'll get excited. Maybe I'll get more excited if I end up seeing Wolf Creek, which probably won't happen til it hits DVD-Land.


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