26 October 2005

God No...Not More Bond Rumors...

Hey guys, it's Donnie... Don't worry, Daniel Craig hasn't been fired. However, director Martin Campbell did open his big yap and the hellstorm that is sure to follow...I don't even wanna think about it.

Campbell has been letting details for Casino Royale trickle out slowly. First it was the character changes. Then it was the lack of gadgets. Then it was the lack of Moneypenny. Now we've gotten a little tidbit about our new Bond girl, Vesper Lynd:
"She's the one who forges him into the Bond that we all know and love. He certainly falls in love with her, and it does change him forever. It's a genuinely deeper relationship. The film deals much more on a personal level with Bond."
Sounds great. There's a fine line between the bond girls who just sort of happen to get caught up in the madness (ala Ursula Andress) and the girls who have some integral part to play in the plot (ala Halle Berry). You want them fairly involved in the story, but when the girl is another superagent like Berry or Michelle Yeoh, then it really just sort of detracts from Bond himself. Hopefully Campbell will be able to find the right balance.

In the meantime, we on the interweb are going to have to spend the next few months listening to millions of people who insist that their sister's hairdresser's cousin's dry cleaner's son works on the Sony lot and saw a memo in a trash can with the name of the new Bond girl. I kind of wish that Campbell had just lied and said they were in final talks with someone just to keep the rumor mill from spinning back up into overtime.


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