17 October 2005

Here Comes The Sun(shine)

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Director Danny Boyle's latest film remains shrouded in mystery. Or, perhaps I should say it's immersed in the blinding light of mystery. His Untitled Sunshine Project has something to do with astronauts on a mission to save the dying sun and then some shit starts to go down, although it's more than a little unclear as to exactly what that shit would entail. I'm a big fan of Boyle, particularly when he's working with writer Alex Garland. His refusal to confine himself to any one genre or visual style is so irreverantly refreshing...it usually takes little convincing to get me to watch his work.

The Production Diary trend seems to have hit this project as well. Someone on the crew has been given the go ahead to chronicle the production process online at SunshineDNA.com, although I have to give them credit for taking a slightly different approach than most others. SunshineDNA seems to be short of video content and big on written content. There's alot of discussion about the science behind the fiction, which is usually a good sign on a project like this. But there are also a few photos and video clips for you media junkies.

I'm expecting good things from this project, and this blog is fairly interesting so far, so let's hope they keep it up. There's nothing suckier than a boring production diary...

Click it here for numerous pictures of Danny Boyle's assorted footwear...


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