28 September 2005

Trailertown: Everyone's A Winner

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Welcome back to Trailertown!

Today we're going to take a look at two very...different sides of the athletic community.

Glory Road: I'm a huge Josh Lucas fan. I'll say it. I think he's got charm oozing out of his ears. And look at his filmography: Wonderland, Secondhand Lions, Hulk, A Beautiful Mind, Session 9, American Psycho, You Can Count On Me, just to name a few. The guy is fantastic, he just can't seem the find the right project to really catapult him up to major star status, although I would argue that I'd rather he be exactly where he is. Otherwise he'd never do great little films like Around The Bend. His next is called Glory Road, and it's a basketball flick about the first NCAA coach to start 5 black players. It looks okay, which is to say it looks exactly like all the movies it refers to in the trailer, i.e. Remember The Titans, The Rookie, etc. However Lucas's wife is played by Emily Deschenel, one of my new favorite actresses. Check out Bones on Fox Tuesday nights. She's great.

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The Ringer: Well, I gave you the lowdown on this flick earlier when the poster was released, and now we finally have a new trailer. The teaser was released about a year ago and if you haven't seen it or don't remember it, watch it, cuz it's a great teaser. The new trailer is also pretty damn good, I must admit. It still looks like it's gonna fall short of its potential, but I'm sure it'll be an entertaining time at the movies. Plus it has Brian Cox. Nothing makes your movie shine like the original Hannibal Lecter. Too bad the love interest seems to have absolutely no presence whatsoever...

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