06 September 2005

Dick And Jane = Not So Fun

Hey guys, it's Donnie...So apparantly the bigwigs at Columbia were a little hasty in putting out a trailer and releasing a character poster for Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni's Fun With Dick And Jane. I thought that the teaser was pretty entertaining, but word is that the studio folks were unhappy with the end and felt that there wasn't enough of "over the top Jim Carrey schtick." Therefore, Columbia got someone (or, more likely, 5 someones) to rewrite 40 pages of the script originally by Judd Apatow, the mastermind behind 40 Year Old Virgin. So in other words, they're reshooting half the movie.

The movie already went a month over schedule the first time around, but now they're gonna have to go back and shoot for another 5 weeks. I had decent hopes for this flick, but it looks like the chances of that are swiftly going down the pooper. Too bad. I like Tea Leoni and would like to see her bring her carreer back from the dead. Remember when critics were hailing her as "the next Lucille Ball?" Ah, those were the days...


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