02 September 2005

Christian Slater Gets Invisible And Molests Women

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Who remembers Paul Verhoeven's Hollow Man? I remember thinking that it was going to be so good and then being left helpless as my eyes began to bleed in the theater. It contained one of the worst lines of dialogue I've ever heard (Elizabeth Shue: "I'm trying to make love to you...") and probably set back whatever progress Josh Brolin was making in reviving his career, which, let's face it, probably peaked with Goonies. But I will give it credit where credit is due: As opposed to every other invisible man movie, the first thing that Kevin Bacon does when he goes invisible is sneak around and molest women, or sneak into their apartments and watch them in the shower. That's real life.

Well, at one point we heard about a proposed direct to DVD Hollow Man sequel, but now we're getting details and the hits just keep on coming. How do you one-up a movie about an invisible man? How about a movie about TWO invisible men? Yes, that's right, this movie will feature two transparent gentlemen kicking the crap out of each other. And those two guys? Deranged government hitman Christian Slater and fine upstanding police officer Peter Facinelli. Not only will the two men be hidden from sight, but their invisibility serum will also cause them to become MUTATED AND DISFIGURED!!

Oh man, this is gonna be so good...


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