02 September 2005

Trailertown: Fifty Cent Train Set

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Welcome back to Trailertown!

First up we've got the full theatrical trailer for Get Rich Or Die Tryin', which boasts what is easily the most bizzare pairings of talent this year: Jim Sheridan (In America) directing Curtis "50 cent" Jackson. This is the flick that is loosely based on Fitty's life, meaning it's about a rapper who wouldn't stop singing despite multiple gunshots to the chest.

It's clearly drawing alot of comparison to Eminem's 8 Mile, which was flawed but a enjoyable watch, (whatever happened to Cheddar Bob? That guy was hilarious...) although I have a sneaking suspicion that Get Rich is gonna be the one to really deliver the goods. I also really like the posters they've designed. Someone clearly put a little thought into them, which is always a promising sign, as opposed to floating Photoshop heads, which might as well be the harbinger of doom.

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BlueTights has posted Brian's Blog #23, entitled Derailed. I know it's not a trailer, but I'm totally addicted to these things, and they are essentially promotional video, so I hereby declare that Bryan's Blog is now a resident of Trailertown. Or at the very least, it's crashing on someone's couch for a few months. Anyway, this one is about a massive model train set built for Lex Luthor's personal pleasure, and in one shot about 2/3 through, as Bryan is telling Parker Posey to "wait a longer beat before [she] turn[s] around and notice[s] them", Parker can clearly be seen standing next to Kal Penn and a very shiny headed Kevin Spacey, which is pretty much the first time we've seen Spacey in costume and in motion.

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