30 August 2005

Bond Crashes Into A Million Dollar Baby Holding The Flags Of Our Fathers

Hey guys, it's Donnie... According to the Hoolywood Reporter, Paul Haggis, whose silly last name belies his utter pretension, has been hired to re-write the script for Casino Royale, aka That James Bond Movie That Quentin Tarantino Is Not Directing And Just Can't Seem To Get Off The Ground. Then again, the Hollywood Reporter seems to think that the Wilson brothers are interchangable, so who knows what's really going on over there today.

Apparantly the powers that be were none too happy with the draft turned in by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, the guys who wrote The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day. Both of those movies pretty much sucked a Purple People-Eater's testicles (which may or may not be located in his knees), so bringing in new writing blood is almost assuredly a good thing. I'm not sure if Haggis is necessarily the best match for Bond, but anyone who thinks that Haggis can't write action need merely peruse his resume over at IMDB to see that Haggis created one of the most puzzlingly successful action TV series ever...Walker: Texas Ranger. Yeah. That threw me for a loop as well.

The Bond franchise seems to have grown rather...stale? And with Brosnan out of the picture (at least this week), and Martin Campbell, the only director to pull off a great Brosnan-Bond flick (Goldeneye) at the helm, I'm confident that they just might be able to bring Bond back from mediocrity. Unless they actually cast Dr. Kovac from ER. I would probably have to classify that as a poor decision.


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