30 August 2005

Superhero Confusion

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Nobody seems to have an earthly clue as to what is going on in the world of superheroes this morning.

Last week we reported (via IGN) that Shohreh Aghdashloo was onboard X3 as Dr. Kavita Rao, a geneticist who created a "cure" for mutation. However, she recently gave an interview with Entertainment Weekly in which she said that she'd be playing Dr. Cecilia Reyes, a mutant who can project forcefields around herself. It certainly doesn't seem to make any sense that she'd be cast as a young Hispanic character instead of a middle aged Middle Eastern character, but far be it from Hollywood (or Bret Ratner for that matter) to do something that makes sense, especially when it comes to this movie. IGN is insisting that Aghdashloo simply got it wrong in the interview, which I suppose is possible as Fox seems intent on keeping the script totally secret and I'm sure she hasn't started filming yet. Either way, consider this one to be totally up in the air at this point. She's definitely on the movie, although who she'll be playing still seems up for debate.

IGN also reveals in that article that X3 will also feature an appearance by Jamie Madrox, aka Multiple Man. Mulitple Man can, ironically enough, multiply himself. Shocking. Most major movie sites (CHUD, JoBlo) have jumped on the IGN story, but I wouldn't exactly call it a "scoop", as I announced the appearance of Multiple Man OVER THREE WEEKS AGO along with Cameron Bright as Leech and a number of other mutants that have recently been confirmed as popping up at some point in the film.

On a completely separate note, Ivan Reitman's flick Super Ex also saw some cast additions this weekend. The movie concerns a Regular Joe who breaks up with his superhero girlfriend because she's too controlling, and she then embarks on a quest to use her powers to make his life a living hell. Clever huh? Well, Hollywood Reporter has...reported that Anna Farris has joined the cast as the rebound love interest and none other than Eddie Izzard has signed on to play the film's villian, Professor Bedlam. That's just plain awesome.

So where's the confusion? Well, throughout the text of the story, Hollywood Reporter refers to the two main characters, the Super Bitch (as I've dubbed her) and the Regular Joe, as being played by Uma Thurman and Owen Wilson. Again, most of the major movie sites (AICN, CHUD, Dark Horizons) have started running the story. The only problem is that, last I checked, Owen Wilson had nothing to do with this movie. As we reported back in JUNE when the movie was announced, and again in JULY when Uma signed on, the main character was going to be played by LUKE WILSON, not the so-called Butterscotch Stallion. Devin over at CHUD seems to be the only one who's picked up on this sudden Wilson-shifting, and I think he's correct in his analysis. Hollywood Reporter either missed a typo or did a crappy job of checking their facts. As of right now, Owen Wilson has about seven projects lined up for the immediate future and Luke Wilson is still waiting for Mike Judge to finish Idiocracy, so I'm also gonna take the position that Luke Wilson is still in and someone at Hollywood Reporter is currently packing up their cubicle.

Oh what a confusing morning it's been...


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