21 September 2005

Tarrantino Spills On Grindhouse...And Perhaps Discovers Time Travel??

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Tarantino is one of those guys who will make a movie that totally dominates the public consciousness for a full 6 months...and then he'll totally drop off the face of the planet and not talk to anyone for a year and a half. So whenever someone talks him into an interview, you can bet that I'm gonna read it. MTV caught up with him at a recent promotion for Daltry Calhoun, the Johnny Knoxville flick about a grass man with a kid that Tarantino executive produced. (Sidenote: I really enjoy that Tarantino has gotten into producing. It not only keeps him more involved in the industry but it also means that we get more films with his influence, or, at the very least, his vague approval, and that's pretty much a win-win scenario.)

The interview is pretty much kept to short sound bites and he doesn't say a whole lot that we haven't heard before. Inglorious Bastards is probably next flick, although it's still quite a ways off. He might be involved in Sin City 2. He wants to do a third Kill Bill focusing on The Bride's daughter B.B. in about 10 years, once everyone has aged a bit. He is also still contemplating a prequel-ish film about Vicent Vega (Travolta in Pulp Fiction) and Victor Vega, (Madsen in Reservior Dogs) and he even says "I've actually figured out a way, even though the characters have gotten older, to do it. I just have to have the ambition to write it." which I guess means that QT is building a Way Back Machine in his basement.

Anyway, the real dirt is when he gave up come details on his upcoming collaboration with Robert Rodriguez, Grind House. Here we get the first really substantive info on what is sure to be one of the most intriguing flicks of 2006:

"His movie is called Planet Terror, and mine is called Death Proof...Mine is sort of a slasher film, but instead of a knife, it's a car. ... His, he's dealing with zombies and all that stuff. I think his might end up being more violent, but I'm not finished with my [script] yet, so you never know...One of the things we're looking the most forward to [is] shooting the phony trailers that will play in between the movies. I'm working out my blaxploitation trailer, and possibly a kung-fu trailer, a sexploitation trailer, a spaghetti-western trailer. I just need to kind of work them out a little bit. I'm just getting them down there, but I think for sure I'm going to do the sexploitation trailer, which is called 'Cowgirls in Sweden.' "

Man I can not wait for this freakin movie. Now all he has to do is hurry up and finish Inglorious Bastards, actually cast Michael Madsen, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Eddie Murphy, Sylvester Stallone, Adam Sandler, and Bruce Willis, (as previous rumors have foretold) and then get to work on the physics-bending Vega Brothers movie and I will be a happy camper.

Click it here to check out the only thing worth reading on the MTV website today...


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ahhhhh no purple on gray, brutha. makes my eyes hurt.

as for the movies, well, we'll see, i guess!

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