13 September 2005

Val Kilmer Needs A Paycheck

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Val Kilmer does some fantastic work in Shane Black's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, (a movie I'm gonna be trying non-stop for the next two months to get you to see) but since the movie was made for only $15 million, my guess is that it wasn't exactly a big financial payday for the star of Real Genius. But that's okay, cuz Iceman and Maverick are wingmen, so it looks like Tom "Yes I Really Am That Crazy" Cruise is gonna throw the man a bone.

Dark Horizons is reporting that Val Kilmer will be filming a role in Mission: Impossible 3, currently lensing in China. Kilmer will apparantly play the head of the IMF, which is interesting as Laurence Fishburne is apparantly already playing Ethan Hunt's mentor or something to that effect. Most took this to mean that he'd be playing the Anthony Hopkins role from M:I2, but if this Kilmer-news is correct, perhaps that means we'll be heading back into the inner machinations of the IMF, ala the first Mission: Impossible, a flick that takes more shit than it deserves.

Hell, maybe they can get Principal Strickland to play an evil henchman and Anthony Edwards to play the new gadget guy and it could be a whole Top Gun reunion...


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