08 August 2005

What's The Deal With The Genesis Camera?

Hey guys, it's Donnie...JoBlo has posted a short and sweet interview with Bryan Singer they had left over from ComicCon. It's a quick read and doesn't give away too much spoiler-wise. The best part comes near the end of the interview when they ask him about whether or not we'll be seeing Supes in IMAX:
We’ve discussed an IMAX version. As far as a 3D version, I have to see the demonstrations of how to do that without shooting it that way. In theory, the best, the real way to do 3D is shooting it 3D, you know, with appropriate ocular placement, with two lenses attached to the media. I’ve seen the camera. It’s quite extraordinary. But as far as us doing a 3D release, we would have to re-render other elements in the digital world so we’ve not yet discussed the notion of rendering our visual effects in 3D. That discussion hasn’t started yet because I’d like to see some demonstrations of what that looks like. Obviously we’re not shooting the film in 3D.

What we’re doing is shooting the film with something called the Genesis Camera. We’re the first film to really utilize this camera. It was built from the ground up by Sony and Panavision to look more like film than any digital camera to date has done and it’s quite fascinating. It’s created quite an image. Kind of was spawned from when I did Brandon Routh’s screen test. I did it in both 35mm and 70mm and I looked at the 70mm image and the resolution, and I said, ‘God, if we could only shoot this movie in 70mm.’ But it’s not possible with the way that the cameras, the lenses, the rigs, the processing of the films, it’s just not possible. So the Genesis Camera came the closest to creating something classic, but new. And with a resolution that will blow up to IMAX. You’ll be able to project on the side of the biggest building in this town and it will be pretty vivid, pretty clear.
Personally, I'd love to see this thing kick some serious IMAX ass (Batman is supposed to hit my local IMAX next week) and if they can get a good 3D print out of it, so much the better.

Note to Warners: I'm still waiting for my Superman ComicCon Reel...


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