08 August 2005

EXCLUSIVE X3 Update: Bright New Mutants

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Superherohype is reporting via a fansite that Cameron Bright, the creepy young lad from Godsend, Birth, The Butterfly Effect and Kurt Wimmer's upcoming Ultraviolet has landed the role of young Leech in the next X-Men adventure. Apparantly this will involve shaving his head, for which he's very excited. Since it comes from a fansite, I'm not sure if it's totally credible, but he is from Victoria, Canada where much of the principal photography is set to take place. We'll classify this as probable yet unconfirmed. I like Bright, and this would be a great step in the kid's career.

Leech is just one of a number of mutants that are slated to make an appearance in X3. My inside man SK informs me that Leech will be joined by Jubilee, Avalanche, Multiple Man, Callisto, Siryn, and Flea (Not of the Red hot Chili Pepper variety) as well as Trask, Artie and Jones, although those are some pretty crappy mutant names, so I don't know what the deal is with them. Siryn and Jubilee, as well as Artie (the kid with the blue forked tongue) and Jones (not sure who he was) all appeared in X2 in minor roles. Then again, so did Kitty Pryde and they've already recast her, so who knows if we'll be seeing the same kids as last time around. I'm also not sure if all of these are kids or not. Leech was part of the sewer-dwelling Morlocks, so perhaps some of these guys will be hanging around under ground. Avi Arad also let spill that Daniel Cudmore is not locked in to return as Colossus, and if he's gonna play a more significant role they might recast.

XMenFilms.net is also reporting that the producers have been in contact with the District of Columbia Film Office, which may mean that we'll see some filming in our nation's capital. I understand that Beast actually has some sort of Presidential Cabinet position at the beginning of the flick, so my guess is that we'll probably just get second unit stuff to establish those scenes.


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