26 August 2005

The Beginning Of The End For Steve Carrell??

Hey guys, it's Donnie...This has got disaster written all over it. I remember reading some time ago that Universal had bought the rights to a story about God telling a man to build an ark for a second great flood so that they could adapt it and turn it into a sequel to Bruce Almighty. Well, it seems that Jim Carrey passed on the project, which might lead one to think that the project was dead in the water. But I guess the folks at Universal took a look at this week's box office numbers, remembered who had probably the single greatest scene in Bruce Almighty, and have now redubbed the movie Evan Almighty. Yes, that's right, Steve Carrell will now be toplining the project in which God (hopefully Morgan Freeman, he's in negotiations) taps asshole anchor Evan Baxter to build an ark and save animals from a massive flood.

I really think this a huge step in the opposite direction for Carrell. Fortunately he's got a number of other excellent projects in the pipeline to balance out this nonsense. Universal, on the other hand, thinks this is such a good idea that if they can manage to get Morgan Freeman back onboard this time around, they're considering making a whole series of Almighty films, in which Morgan Freeman-God calls upon individuals for various reasons. This thing is about14 kinds of bad idea. Seriously, Carrell was brilliant as Evan Baxter, but Evan is fairly two dimensional, and I've already seen all that I want to from that character. The script on this thing is gonna have to absolutely top-notch for it to not suck, and personally, I didn't think that Bruce was all that special...


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