25 August 2005

Gordon Bombay Shot RFK!

Hey guys, it's Donnie...So Martin Sheen's wrapping up West Wing and shooting The Departed about three blocks from my apartment, Charlie Sheen lost Denise Richards, but he's still got that Two And A Half Men show, which, surprisingly enough, is really quite funny. But whatever happened to the Not-Sheen, Emilio Estevez? Well, since Yet Another Stakeout remains in development hell and I'm pretty sure his presence is no longer required in Mighty Ducks 4: Charlie Gets Laid, Estevez has moved on to a little writing and directing. He's currently gearing up to start production on Bobby, the story detailing the intertwining lives of strangers in the Ambassador Hotel the night RFK was shot.

He's already blackmailed/convinced Big Tony H (Anthony Hopkins) to star and executive produce. Demi Moore is also in talks to come do her best Thandie Newton. I love Hopkins, and Moore has certainly been making an effort to stay on the up and up recently. More importantly, I think that the story of RFK and his assassination has never really been definitively told by Hollywood. While I get the sense that this flick is gonna center more on the other folks in the hotel than on Kennedy himself, it could make for a very interesting backdrop, specifically because most audiences don't really know those events backwards and forwards, as opposed to the events in Dallas, for which most audiences could probably give you a blindfolded play by play.


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