16 August 2005

I See Dead Nazis...

Hey guys, it's Donnie... a while back we ran that scoop about some game developers starting on some Young Indy games that were meant to coincide with a Young Indy movie, possibly to hit in 2007, thus forcing most of us to begin scratching our collective heads and mumble something along the lines of, "What the...?"

Well fear not friends, clarification seems to have arrived: It seems that we of the internet community are not the only ones to realize that Harrison Ford is getting on in the years and will soon be too old to keep gallivanting around the world cracking the non-proverbial whip. However, the reason Indy 4 came about in the first place was that everyone, Ford, Spielberg, Lucas, hell, even Connery really wanted to do another one. Therefore, we'll get Indy 4 around 2007 and immediately upon completion, The Bearded Ones will shift focus to do a series of Young Indy movies.

Sadly, Sean Patrick Flannery is now far too old to portray Young Indy (although at this point he's probably about the right age to play regular Indy...what a disaster that could be) and so the focus has shifted to the young seer of the dead. That's right, Haley Joel Osment is in talks to take over as Young Indy once Real Indy hangs up his hat. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I mean, Osment is 17 now, so figure if a Young Indy movie actually hit theaters in 2009, that would put him at 21, at which point, who knows where he'll be at as an actor. By then he could very well pull off Young Indy, but trying to speculate at this point is almost moot. Either way, if they can actually get Indy 4 off the ground, we might have quite a few more Indiana Jones adventures in store for us...


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