10 August 2005

Paradise Found...In Fiji

Hey guys, it's Donnie... I've always wanted to work in a small independent movie theater. There's a couple of great ones here in Boston, particularly the Coolidge and the Brattle. Kendell ain't bad either, though technically it is a chain. The closest I've ever gotten was ripping tickets and shoveling out popcorn to crazed Pokemon kids for six months at a General Cinema, now AMC. That kinda sucked.

Anyway, I discovered this interesting little gem of a trailer this morning for a documentary called Reel Paradise. It follows "indie film guru" John Pierson, his wife and two kids as they move to Fiji for a year so they can run "the world's most remote movie theater." The film seems to be told from the perspective of Pierson's son Wyatt, which I think is a really smart way to focus the film. Otherwise it just becomes the story of another weird film crusader. They show movies for free, which apparantly puts them on the local government's shit list. I particularly like the bit where the kid argues with his dad over the merits of showing the Jackass movie.

The idea of moving to some remote location to run a movie theater certainly has it's appeals, and I'd certainly like to see what it does to this particular family unit. I really like the quote at the end of the trailer by Roger Ebert, mostly because I hate reality television. Hopefully I'll be able to check this thing out in a theater. Probably the Coolidge or the Brattle. Maybe Kendell.

Click it here to watch the locals laugh at Johnny Knoxville


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