09 August 2005

Trailer Bonanza: 8 Bits Of Superfun

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Over the last few days a whole crapload of cool clips and trailers, and I've pulled together eight, count 'em EIGHT clips that I think are most certainly worth your attention. I tried to get these up yesterday but sadly it didn't happen, so here we are today with a basket of goodies...

First up, we have three short clips, no sound, 10-15 second a pop. So what's the big deal? Well, these are our first peeks at the future of Disney Animation. We've got two clips from A Day With Wilbur Robinson and one from American Dog. Some of the Wilbur Robinson stuff is unrendered and mostly all we're seeing is the bad guy, but gee willickers he looks fun. That flying hat? And the animation style of American Dog, the texture of the images...man that's just gorgeous. If this is the direction of future Disney Animation...Well, I'm a happy camper.

Wilbur Robinson 1

Wilbur Robinson 2

American Dog

Up next we've got two more projects featuring Elijah Wood. The first is a new trailer for Green Street Hooligans. This one is pretty similar to the last trailer I posted recently, but there's a some new stuff in there, and it's got a bit more of an edge to it. I've also been told that Jon Favreau has signed on as a producer of some sort, so perhaps this thing will actually get distributed after all...

Green Street Hooligans

Next we have Everything Is Illuminated, also starring Wood. He seems to have been the most successful in converting his Lord Of The Rings fame into something worth noticing. Every project he's been involved in since has been pretty damn awesome. Normally I don't really go for stories about the Holocaust or Holocaust survivors, but there's clearly more going on here. His merry band of traveling companions look like tons of fun. Plus, this marks the directorial debut of Liev Shreiber, an actor whose work I seriously respect. He looks to have a great sense of visual style at work here, at I'd love to see him become a director to watch, as George Clooney is rapidly becoming.

Everything Is Illuminated

Here we've got something interesting. This movie The Men Who Fell totally came out of nowhere. I can't seem to find any info on it, and since the website is a dummy site for a fictional salvage company, it's not too much help either. But the trailer is certainly interesting. Reminds me vaguely of Pitch Black, which I love despite the muddled horror of Chronicles Of Riddick. Dunno when or if we can expect this thing to hit theaters, but I'm certainly paying attention now.

The Men Who Fell

Alright, so I'm a total sucker for a good romantic comedy, I'll admit it. And this flick Little Manhattan really seems to have a voice all its own. And aside from the presence of Bradley Whitford, who I'll watch in just about anything, these kids look pretty fantastic. Plus this thing is absolutely bursting with genuine heart. The sort of pre-teen-first-love story hasn't been done really well in a long time, so I hope this thing can find its way.

Little Manhattan

Finally, we have practically the exact opposite. I still haven't been able to see Ong Bak, but I've heard nothing but good things about the flick and about Tony Jaa in particular. Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Chow Yun Fat...PUSSIES! Jaa does most of his stunts without wirework. Yeah. That thing with the fence? Jesus, that's just a guy hoping around like a possesed demon on chain link. Plus I believe he's from Thailand, so he brings a very different style of fighting to the table that quickly and clearly sets him apart from those who've come before him. This thing is beyond cool...

Tom Yum Goong


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