12 August 2005

A History Of Out Of Focus Firearms

Hey guys, it's Donnie...The poster for A History Of Violence hit the web late yesterday and, well, I think it's pretty damn special. This flick got a lot of positive buzz after it showed at Cannes and the trailer (which you can check out along with an exclusive clip RIGHT HERE) is pretty sweet. Plus it's David Cronenberg directing a story from a graphic novel!! It doesn't get a lot cooler than that. The fact that we're getting big screen adaptations of stuff like this and Sin City and 300 just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The Golden Age of Comic Movies has given credibility to a lot of really great graphic novel properties and I really couldn't be happier about it.

Aside from the source material and director, the cast is pretty spectacular. This will clearly be Vigo's best post-Tolkien project to date, especially since the only other real movie he's done since then was the forgetable Hidalgo. I'm not sure why he's been so scarce recently, as opposed to the omnipresent Elijah Wood, but I don't really mind. Plus we get Maria Bello, (I feel like this movie may have played a big part in getting her onboard Oliver Stone's 9/11 project, so we can probably expect good things) William Hurt, and a freshly scarred Ed Harris at his uber-creepiest.

I really like this one sheet as there was clearly some thought put into it. Between this and the Jarhead one sheet, it's been a really good week for movie posters. Click on the image to get a bigger, hi-res version...


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