12 August 2005

Ari Gold + Van Wilder = Comedy Van Gold!

Hey guys, it's Donnie... Last week it was announced that Joe Carnahan, the guy behind the kick ass little flick Narc, would be helming an action comedy called Smokin' Aces. The story follows a Las Vegas comedian who turns on a group of mobsters he once played for, attracting the attention of a gaggle of assassins and federal agents. Sounds like it could easily go either way right?

Well, we've got a cast now and I'm pretty damn excited. Jeremy Piven will play the comedian who takes on the mob, Ryan Reynolds will be the FBI agent trying tot rack him down and keep him from swimming with cement shoes. Most notable however is that one of the ruthless, deadly assassins will be played by...Alicia Keys? Oh yeah, cuz when I think heartless killer, I think Alicia Keys. Maybe they could get The Backstreet Boys to play the mobsters...

Ben Affleck will also be playing a role which is apparantly "small but crucial" and John Cusack is nowhere in sight. I kid, but the fact of the matter is that any project starring Piven and Reynolds is probably enough to put my ass in the seat, especially if Joe Carnahan is behind the camera. He can certainly do gritty drama. Let's see if he can make me laugh to boot...


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