25 July 2005

Some Light Shed On Gibson's Apocolypto

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Last week we brought you news of Mel Gibson's next project Apocolypto, and all we knew was that it was set in the ancient past. Well now we have a little bit more detail...The flick will be set in the MAYAN culture, which, in my mind, is pretty fucking awesome. Not only that, but, ala Passion, the whole thing will be spoken in an obscure Mayan dialect. Gibson even plans on casting mostly local folks, local that is to....wherever it is he's gonna film.

Personally, I've always loved the ancient Mayan society. Not that I'm particularly well versed in Mayan history, but they were one of those curious anceint cultures that appears to have been mind-bogglingly advanced for its time. I'd love to see what Gibson can do with a setting as rich and vibrant as the Mayans. Last week I was fairly interested, but these new developments have got me totally psyched.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

shooting takes place in vera cruz mexico starting mid november for 3 months

11:08 AM  

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