22 July 2005

"Your Dad's Not Tall Enough..."

Hey guys, it's Donnie...I'm still frantically searching the web for that Superman Returns footage from ComicCon and still doesn't seem to exist anywhere online. However, the good folks at blackfilm.com have gotten their hands on some super-stretchy clips of Bryan Singer's Q&A at the Con. Most of the info isn't really groundbreaking, and I reported it all in my big ComicCon roundup, but it's still nice to hear Singer talk about it himself. He was clearly exhausted and had probably walked off a plane about an hour before showing up at the Con, but he has a genuine passion for the material he works with. Plus he's just a very down to earth, pragmatic guy and I really like his approach to the source material and to filmmaking in general.

Click it here to watch Bryan Singer speak eloquently in the face of some ubergeeks...


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