22 July 2005

Trailers: Musicians, "Musicians," And CGI Creatures

Hey guys, it's Donnie...A nice new plethora of trailers made their way online today, including an actor being a musician, a musician being an actor, and some cool looking creatures.

We'll start with the creatures: Shane Acker made a short animated film called 9, and you can go to his website and check out the trailer right here. The short has gotten a decent amount of attention, a few awards, and a screening at last weekend's ComicCon. Well apparantly he parlayed all those good vibes and got himself set up to direct a feature length version of his short, and got some serious names to step up to the producing plate, including Tim Burton. I like the look of the trailer, although I can't really figure out exactly what's going on. Either way, I'm excited.

Going in reverse order, we've also got a teaser for Get Rich Or Die Tryin. I really don't know how 50 Cent got Jim Sheridan to direct his movie, but he did it nonetheless, and visually it looks really rather nice. It's only a teaser, so it's still a little early to tell if the flick is gonna be any good, but I have a positive feeling. I feel like this is gonna end up being what 8 Mile came up short of. 50 Cent...I don't know man. But Terrence Howard looks pretty solid, as per normal.
Yahoo's got the scoop, so check it here yo.

Finally we've got Walk The Line, the Johnny Cash biopic starring Juaquin Pheonix as The Man In Black. Someone described it as "The Redneck Ray" and that seems to be a pretty fitting description to me. Pheonix looks pretty badass and Reese Witherspoon looks rather nice herself. She can definitely rock the brunette look. Whereas I've always been a big Ray Charles fan, I'm less familiar with the music of Johnny Cash, so maybe it'll be educational for me. Click here to Walk The Line for yourself.


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