25 July 2005

Shiny New Superman Logo

Hey guys, it's Donnie...The Warners folks have released the final colored Superman logo. It's basically the same as the silver guy they released a fwe months back, but with all the proper colorization. It's not really all that shocking or surprising, I mean it looks exactly like it's supposed to, reminding me of the old AV adage, "If we're doing our job, no one should notice." I do like the texturing though, and hopefully we'll be getting a teaser poster soon, as well as the ComicCon reel. I'm also hearing whisperings of an actual teaser trailer to hit theaters this winter, possibly with King Kong, although I feel like Warners is more likely to throw it up in front of Harry Potter if it's ready in time...

Anyway, click it here for a nice High Res version of my new desktop image...


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