25 July 2005

V For Vendetta Trailer Lays Seige To All

Hey guys, it's Donnie...I had a sneaking suspicion that the first of the major ComicCon trailers to hit the web would be V For Vendetta, and (aside from some bootlegged and rather unimpressive Transformers footage) it seems I was right.

The trailer is online now in lovely QT (and in High Def if you're running QT 7 and have a nice large display) While my roommate has proclaimed that "it looks like the worst comic book movie yet," I really rather like it. I think it sets a really nice, dark Orwellian tone, reminding me a bit of the highly underrated Equilibrium. Natalie Portman looks absolutely fantastic, (it's good to see that she isn't being punished for The Prequels...) while John Hurt as the zealous face of the politico, well, if I saw him everywhere I turned, I'd be scared as shit of my government too. Hugo Weaving...well he certainly sounds kick ass. He just continues to rack up great roles and great projects and I'm glad that the Matrix has treated him so well. And the end...talk about a great tagline. I'm really looking forward to this and I hope it doesn't turn out to be floater...

Click it here to dodge knives with vapor trails....


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