21 July 2005

Trailer: A Sound Of Sucking

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Way back during the Super Bowl, there was a trailer shown for a flick called A Sound Of Thunder. The movie is based on a classic Ray Bradbury story about people who travel back in time to hunt dinosaurs. The hunters are forced to follow a strict set of rules to prevent them from doing anything which might alter the fabric of history, including traveling solely on some sort of path. However, during one expedition, someone strays from the path, steps on an insect, and drastically alters the course of evolution. When they return to the future, plants and animals start to change and attack the poor dumb humans until they can figure out some way to reverse the damage and save the world.

The original story story has always been very well received, but the trailer...eh, not so much. In fact, after it aired during the Super Bowl, it pretty much disappeared. I never even saw it play in a theater. I had recently been wondering what had happened to the movie, figuring it was going to be banished to a direct to DVD release or something of the like. However, today I stumbled upon a brand spanking new trailer which, oddly enough, makes the movie look even worse than before. I'm serious, this trailer kind of reminded me of the trailer for Anacondas: Search For The Blood Orchid. The difference is that Anacondas trailer probably made the movie look better than it actually was. Seriously. Evolve or Die? That has got to be the crappiest tagline I have ever heard. I'd say it was probably written by a twelve year old, but I think that might be too insulting...to twelve year olds.

The most noticable difference between the old trailer and this newer version is the lack of Sir Ben Kingsley who, after Suspect Zero and Dr. Uwe Boll's upcoming Bloodrayne (in which he plays the king of the vampires) and this turd, is in desperate need of a good script, and maybe a new agent.

Click it here to see Ed Burns do battle against silly CGI creatures...

Apparantly this monstrosity is going to be unleashed upon us in September. Yipee.


Blogger Billy Dagwood said...


man, i can make a better trailer than that. Shit, i HAVE made better trailers than that. We've ALL made better trailers than that. The trailer for Turner's Pond was better than that! The trailer for IN THE FUCKING CARDS was better than that. let's be honest.

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