21 July 2005

Hanks Goes To War For Sorkin

Hey guys, it's Donnie...There are very few people whose entire body of work defines greatness, but for me, Aaron Sorkin is definitely one of those guys. When the low points of your carreer are The American President and Sports Night...well, I want your carreer. (He's also got a one act play called Hidden In This Picture which I've been involved in a number of times. Read it, it's brilliantly funny. It's about cows, among other things...)

Ever since he walked away from The West Wing, he's kept a somewhat low profile, not really attaching himself to many projects. He's rumored to have another TV show in development that's similar to Sports Night, but focusing on a Saturday Night Live type show instead of a Sports Center type show. He's also had The Farnsworth Invention, a film about Filo Farnsworth, the guy who invented the TV, in development seemingly forever.

Well, Sorkin has emerged from hiding, as it was announced this morning that Tom Hanks will produce and star in Sorkin's latest script, Charlie Wilson's War. Hanks will play Wilson, a congressman from Texas who had a reputation for living the high life if you will, to the point that he gained the nickname "Good Time Charlie." After recovering from a scandal in the '80s, Wilson helped to spearhead the largest CIA operation of all time, supporting Afghani freedom fighters to bring down the Soviet Union. You remember the Afghani freedom fighters, don't you? We got to be GOOD friends with them, especially that Osama guy...

Hanks is expected to start work on the project shortly after he wraps on The Da Vinci Code, which is currently filming in various locations throughout Europe under the direction of Ron Howard.


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